Saturday, February 4, 2012

I have a shoe fetish!

Anyone who knows me personally can totally tell that I have an obsession with shoes. Today I want to tell you about Angel Alphaville's shoe shop. I met Angel personally after I announced a board in the shop through a popular psuedo freebie group & pissed off the owner... lmfao. In any case, the incident brought me a very dear friend. One of my favorite shoe makers in SL Let me give you a tour of Angel's cute little shop...

When I first TPed into the shop, my letter came up on the board. (I already have these though hehe)

Here is a better view of the lucky board prize.

These 3 fine specimens are $10L a pair. Omfg why so cheap?!

These 5 pairs are ::inhales slowly:: FREE!!!!!!!!

The target on the Midnight Mania is rediculously low. I want these. Is it possible that Angel has made a pair of shoes that I don't own? ::gasp:: If you walk around the shop, you will find nothing over the price of $100L, which is very generous considering the quality of the shoes and the time and nerve wracking effort that goes into making them. I appreciate all the blood, sweat, & tears... if there ever were any tears... Love you Angel & your little shoes too. muahahaha << wicked witch laugh. xD

Gonna rock that like it don't cost a thing...

"I'm free. I just spent all my money. Gonna rock that like it don't cost a thing!" I love this song!!

I wanted to show you all a complete look that costed me $0L. I love the idea of being able to look great for absolutely nothing!! My look has nothing to do with Natalia Kills, I just thought of the song as I was taking pictures for this post. Check this out:

The hair that I am wearing has been a freebie at Exile for I cannot tell you how long. This hair is called "Kendra" and it's in the Twilight tone, which as you can see it jet black. These pictures have not been touched up in any way... only cropped. The skin is free from Skintimate (my favorite skin shop in SL) for the Zombie Popcorn hunt. It's called "Vampire Seagrass" & it is just lovely. The shape that I am wearing is called "Lydia". I made this shape & listed it on the marketplace for only $5L. I don't have many shapes listed, but there are many more to come in the future! The eyes that I am wearing and will almost always be wearing are by TULI. They are the gem eyes in sapphire & i believe they are still free in the shop. The entire outfit that I am wearing is by Lizzi Design & can be found on the marketplace for $0L. This includes the necklace, shirt, bat pasties, high waist denim skirt (you get 3 colors. I have only modelled the black), tights & boots. I just want to say thank you to all of the amazing designers who put time & effort into making these beautiful designs. Thank you Kavar Cleanslate, Alexxandra Sorbet, Tuli Asturias, & Lizzi Klaar. You are all so generous.

Exile -
Skintimate -
Phenominom Shapes -
Lizzi Design's Free outfit -

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ohh Felicity... I have AntZ in my... pants?

I must tell you about this shoe shop that I recently stumbled across called "Felicity". I actually read about it on a popular SL blog, so I decided to check it out. It cost me $30L to join the group. Hold on a minute now... I'm usually NOT the type of girl to pay anything to join a group, but lately I have been finding more and more groups that have a joining fee & offer spectacular group gifts. Anyway... $30L is not alot of money... it's what I consider to be "pocket change" and once you join and find all of the group gifts around the store, you'll realize that the $30L was NOTHING at all. It's well worth it & honestly I would have spent more to join this group... there are currently 9 group gifts located around the shop. I snatched up every pair & I love them all!!

The first and second pics show off my current look. The shape & hair are part of a group gift from AntZ which is still available. The shape comes full perm so I will be tweaking it here and there. o.O It's actually a really beautiful shape, but it's tall for my taste. The 3rd pic is a pair of stilettos from Felicity which is a group gift. yay!!! The skin that I am wearing is by AntZ called "Maja 1". You can find this and a bunch of other great quality skins for $20L each at the AntZ Outlet store. The dress is a hunt item from Sassy for the Palette hunt. I won't give out any hints, but I will provide the linkage to the shop. hehe

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello & thank you for stopping bye. I'd like to tell you a little bit about me. I'm very random. I like to change things up all the time to keep things interesting. You will almost always see me in a different shape or skin. I make shapes and I am a self proclaimed "skin whore". I love to shop & I am always looking for a great freebie or a high quality item with a low price. What I'd like to do with this blog is show you what goes on in my Second Life.

Here is a recent pic of me that I edited and turned into my latest profile pic. For those of you who have known me since my early days in SL, you'll remember that I used to wear pink hair. I still don a pink hair on occasion, but I hate to limit myself to one hair color. Lately I have been wearing alot of brunette tones. Maybe it's because I am a RL brunette?? Who knows? I just think this skin, shape, & hair just go so well together. What do you think?