Friday, February 3, 2012

Ohh Felicity... I have AntZ in my... pants?

I must tell you about this shoe shop that I recently stumbled across called "Felicity". I actually read about it on a popular SL blog, so I decided to check it out. It cost me $30L to join the group. Hold on a minute now... I'm usually NOT the type of girl to pay anything to join a group, but lately I have been finding more and more groups that have a joining fee & offer spectacular group gifts. Anyway... $30L is not alot of money... it's what I consider to be "pocket change" and once you join and find all of the group gifts around the store, you'll realize that the $30L was NOTHING at all. It's well worth it & honestly I would have spent more to join this group... there are currently 9 group gifts located around the shop. I snatched up every pair & I love them all!!

The first and second pics show off my current look. The shape & hair are part of a group gift from AntZ which is still available. The shape comes full perm so I will be tweaking it here and there. o.O It's actually a really beautiful shape, but it's tall for my taste. The 3rd pic is a pair of stilettos from Felicity which is a group gift. yay!!! The skin that I am wearing is by AntZ called "Maja 1". You can find this and a bunch of other great quality skins for $20L each at the AntZ Outlet store. The dress is a hunt item from Sassy for the Palette hunt. I won't give out any hints, but I will provide the linkage to the shop. hehe

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