Saturday, February 4, 2012

I have a shoe fetish!

Anyone who knows me personally can totally tell that I have an obsession with shoes. Today I want to tell you about Angel Alphaville's shoe shop. I met Angel personally after I announced a board in the shop through a popular psuedo freebie group & pissed off the owner... lmfao. In any case, the incident brought me a very dear friend. One of my favorite shoe makers in SL Let me give you a tour of Angel's cute little shop...

When I first TPed into the shop, my letter came up on the board. (I already have these though hehe)

Here is a better view of the lucky board prize.

These 3 fine specimens are $10L a pair. Omfg why so cheap?!

These 5 pairs are ::inhales slowly:: FREE!!!!!!!!

The target on the Midnight Mania is rediculously low. I want these. Is it possible that Angel has made a pair of shoes that I don't own? ::gasp:: If you walk around the shop, you will find nothing over the price of $100L, which is very generous considering the quality of the shoes and the time and nerve wracking effort that goes into making them. I appreciate all the blood, sweat, & tears... if there ever were any tears... Love you Angel & your little shoes too. muahahaha << wicked witch laugh. xD

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